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Configure volume encoding for Xinet volumes
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Sven Koester on 12 August 2010 9:05
PresSTORE application server recognizes Xinet volumes automatically by examining related Xinet configuration files. For each volume, it's name and the corresponding Unix directory are automatically recognized. Unfortunately, other volume related data, like (including but not limited to) character encoding and character set,  is not recognized because Xinet software does not store this information anywhere. Hence, PresSTORE must be instructed which character set and encoding are used/expected by the Xinet FullPress fileserver.

Character encodings:
PresSTORE supports both FullPress 11/12 character encodings and new UTF based character encoding as found in FullPress 14 version. To specify which character encoding should be used you need to setup server-wide options controlling the default character encoding:
ns_section ns/server/$server/module/lexxfile_fp
ns_param defaultVolumeEncoding

The default value for the is: utf-8. This is the recommended setup for FullPress 14 or later versions of Xinet software. You can override the default by specifying "fullpress" which is to be used when operating the FullPress 11 or 12 software.

Character sets:
For all Xinet volumes, the implicit "macRoman" character set is used. If you use some different character set, you can instruct PresSTORE to employ this alternate set when accessing files on Xinet volumes. To do this you need to setup server-wide options controlling the default character set:
ns_section ns/server/$server/module/lexxfile/lexxfile_fp
ns_param defaultVolumeCharset

The default value for the <charactersetname> is: macRoman
Currently, the only other supported <charactersetname> is: shiftjis

Please note that  all files under the Xinet volume must have the same character set and encoding for PresSTORE to work correctly. It is not supported to have mixed scenarios. It is also assumed that UTF-8 characters are encoded in decomposed format as used on OSX, not in UTF-8 composed format as used by other Unix-like operating systems. Mixing composed and decomposed UTF-8 encoding on Xinet volumes is not supported.

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