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Moving the PresSTORE folder to another place on Unix and Macs
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 18 March 2020 21:46

By default, PresSTORE ist installed in /usr/local/aw on Linux, Solaris and OSX hosts.
Due to the fact that PresSTORE's backup and archive modules make use of index files to maintain the data saved on tape, the directory may consume a large amount of space. It may then be required to move PresSTORE to another volume with more space.

The easiest way to achieve that is to move the complete PresSTORE folder to another disk.
We will assume in the following it is moved from /usr/local/aw to /Volumes/bigdisk/aw, please replace the pathes according to your folders.
It is further assumed that you have administrator permissions, otherwise please use sudo command instead of
command to get permission for the operation.

First, the running PresSTORE server must be stopped:
   cd /usr/local/aw

Next, create the destination folder, if not yet existing:
   mkdir /Volumes/bigdisk/aw

Then copy the aw folder's content to the new location. In order to copy softlinks correctly, you may want to use the tar command:
cd /usr/local/aw
   tar -cf - . | (cd /Volumes/bigdisk/aw ; tar -xvf -)

This command does not produce an intermediate tar archive. In case you need such an archive, e.g. to carry the aw folder on a removeable
disk, use these commands to create an archive and extract from it later:
   cd /usr/local/aw
   tar -cvf  /Volumes/RemoveableDisk/PresSTORE.tar .

   cd /Volumes/bigdisk/aw
   tar -xvf  /Volumes/RemoveableDisk/PresSTORE.tar

After the copying, the install script must be started to correct the autostart mechanisms and start the server:
   cd /Volumes/bigdisk/aw

Thats all. The server will start the same way as from the original place, there will be no changes in the PresSTORE web interface.

On Mac OSX, the default installation path cannot be changed during an installation from the .dmg file. Because of that, it is more practical to keep PresSTORE installed at /usr/local/aw in order to be able to use the normal mechanism to update the package later on. To save space on
/usr/local/aw, which often resides on the root filesystem, the above methods can be used to move only the folder usr/local/aw/conf/index (P4) or usr/local/aw/config/index (P5) to the new location and set a soft link from the old to the new location ( This way, the .dmg style packet installation can be used unchanged, but the space consuming index files can be stored at a different location. Example: 

sudo ln -s /Volumes/p5_indexes/index/ index


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Comments (3)
David Fox
06 January 2009 11:08
Personally, I prefer to just move the aw/conf/index folder over to the other storage and provide a link to it from the original. This way the OS X package installer can still be used to perform upgrades on OS X.
Mike Goslin
30 June 2015 0:07
FYI, in a large install, that first reboot after the install script runs can take a long time. We are syncing two SAN's and backing to 10 LTO's... the first reboot took 17 minutes! be patient.
Greg Stroud
22 September 2020 15:09
Hello. Thank you for the above.

I'm having difficulty creating a symbolic link on an external drive, and was hoping someone could help me.

I'm using P4 and have an external HD called "PresStoreIndex". So, I'm typing in the following:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/aw/conf/Index /Volumes/PresStoreIndex

The above creates a symbolic link on the PresStoreIndex HD, but keeps the original Index folder on /usr/local/aw/conf/ - which, I assume is correct, as when I rename the folder, the Archive fails.

When I keep the Index folder on /usr/, and run an archive, I then get the error of "Cannot obtain stream to mount pool ...".

Can I ask, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!
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