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Restore with Backup2Go after replacing the workstation
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 13 December 2019 17:26
After exchanging a broken or stolen workstation that has been saved with Backup2Go, data shall be restored to the new workstation.
Sometime, the new workstation has been used with Backup2Go, too. In PresSTORE Backup2Go the workstations are identified by their host ID, so
PresSTORE will differenciate between the two laptops and will not restore the data from the old laptop to the new one.
The following procedure describes how to achieve that:

Step one:
In case the new workstation has already been configured with Backup2Go, that configuration must be cleared to get a clean workstation, just as if it was newly installed. Please continue with step two in case a new workstation is used.
  • Stop the new workstation's PresSTORE using
         cd /usr/local/aw
sudo ./stop-server
  • Remove the configuration:
  cd /usr/local/aw/config/customerconfig
 sudo rm resources.*
  • Start the workstation again
         cd /usr/local/aw
sudo ./start-server
  • Now we are back at the situation after the installation, nothing is set up
If you want, you can also delete the new workstation in the PresSTORE Server if the data is no longer required.

Step two:

The new workstation must be assigned to the existing record of the old workstation in PresSTORE.

  • First note the host-Id of the new workstation. It is shown in the lower left edge of the initial screen after login.
  • Go over to the PresSTORE Backup2Go Server, navigate to the Workstation manager.
There must be a record for the OLD workstation. Pick that record and update the host ID to the value of the NEW workstation.

  • Go back to the workstation and setup the connection as usual. 

That's all.
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Tom Binroth
24 July 2017 19:27
The Knowledge Base article needs to be updated. There's no longer a "conf" directory.

Currently the correct path would be:
cd /usr/local/aw/config/customerconfig
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