Solaris or Linux locale problem
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 22 July 2011 11:32
Starting with Version 4.1, PresSTORE relies on Linux and Solaris Systems on the en_US.UTF-8  locale.
Because of that, the locale is set in the script start-server in the PresSTORE folder.
This setting influences PresSTORE only, this is not a server-wide setting.
Please see
   man locale
for more info about the Unix locale subsystem.

A problem may be detected when setting this locale, this may have one out of two reasons:

1. The locale is not installed

To our knowledge, only some older Solaris installations do not always install that locale. Whether it is installed can be checked with the command
   locale -a
In case en_US.UTF-8 is not listed in the output, please install that locale from the Solaris  install source.

2. A preset LC_xxx variable blocks the setting

PresSTORE controls the locale setup using the LANG environment variable. It is possible to overwrite that with a preset global LC_xxx variable,  see man locale.  If such a preset LC variable exists, the locale setting in the start-server script fails. You can check the existence of such a variable with the command
    env | grep LC_
In case there is a preset LC_ variable on your system and you get a locale related error from the start-server script, please add the following lines before the line 35
(i.e.: LANG="en_US.UTF-8"; export LANG) in the start-server script.
  unset LC_CTYPE
  unset LC_NUMERIC
  unset LC_TIME
  unset LC_COLLATE
  unset LC_ALL

  export LC_CTYPE
  export LC_NUMERIC
  export LC_TIME
  export LC_COLLATE
  export LC_MONETARY
  export LC_MESSAGES
  export LC_ALL

That should overcome the problem.
Note that this change affects PresSTORE only, this is not a system wide change.

We have received reports stating these steps also work with OS X.
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