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Backing up 'ALL' vs. the volume root '/'
Posted by Andre Kuehnemund on 28 March 2011 15:28
Question from an actual support ticket:

I have a backup plan to backup the root or system disk on a server/workstation.
The PresSTORE "Backup Task" configuration, the "Data to back up:" field says "ALL" as by default.
When I run the job, it wants to do all of the data from the root down. It seems to start with / and does all the mounted file systems found in /Volumes.
You might expect this if you say "ALL" but on page 93/169 of the PresSTORE manual, it says that "The contents of mounted file systems within the given folders will not be saved, only the mount points themselves will."
So this makes me think that only the direct parts of the file system mounted at / and NOT the remote files systems mounted (e.g.) in /Volumes/junk should go to the backup.
Can you clarify the intended/actual behavior?


ALL means all - meaning all the file systems that are currently mounted/visible to this host. This will include the root "/" as well as all the file systems in /Volumes or otherwise mounted on other Unixes, or all the drives on Windows.
The information from the manual that you refer to, refers to the case, where you would be backing up only the root "/", with the expectation to back up also the file systems mounted in /Volumes. BUT that would not be the case. In that case, only the mount points would be saved, but not the file systems mounted there. IOW, mount points do no get crossed.

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