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Error: Write to client: error writing to device: 'EPIPE' (broken pipe)
Posted by Andre Kuehnemund, Last modified by Sven Koester on 17 April 2012 12:15

The EPIPE error is a communications error.

Here's another description of this type of error:

"This is very likely a broken network connection. That is to say the network connection was broken. You should check your /var/log files on BOTH the client and the server systems to see if there is anything that would indicate what went wrong that cause the connection to break. For example if the rsync on the server side died, it would drop its side of the network connection, and you would receive EPIPE error (Broken Pipe)."

In this case, the error message indicates the Presstore client lost its network connection to the Presstore server. The Presstore server then reported a 'broken pipe'. One possible workaround would be to try to reduce the bandwidth limit in the Presstore client configuration, thereby slowing down the sync process - which would hopefully result in a more stable network connection.

As this is really a network related error, other possible solutions would be to make sure you use the latest OS, the latest drivers and to make sure your computer hardware and network infrastructure can handle the load a sync or backup generates.

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Valiant Technology
18 December 2012 20:43
Having a lot of trouble tracking down the cause of this one... Connected a clean test client to a clean test server directly, not even a switch between them, and SIGPIPE is still killing the bucketpool thread every time a Backup2Go transfer starts. Other processes can send uninterrupted messages between the two just fine, suggesting something more than a simple network error... This page would be more useful with one or two ideas for troubleshooting, beyond throttling the connection.
Sven Koester
31 December 2012 10:20
Please have a look at this article, too:
Sometimes this connection problem is caused by an internet security suite.
16 January 2019 1:10
Updated link to Sven's above is as follows:
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