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How does Verify work?
Posted by Andre Kuehnemund, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 13 February 2017 21:50

Turning on the 'Verify After Write' switch in the archive plan configuration results in a post-archive task being launched that reads all archived files from tape and verifies them. Presstore maintains a table of all verified files during this step. The files in that table can later be deleted if 'Delete files after archive' was selected.

There is also a 'verify' switch in the Presstore CLI that works with archive plans. Please see the 'ArchivePlan' commands in the Presstore CLI manual:

The CLI command 'ArchivePlan <name> verify <client> <job>' verifies previews and metadata generated in case an archive job didn't finish during the post archive tasks. For any files that did not have previews generated or metadata added to the index, running the 'ArchivePlan xxx verify' command would generate those without having to re-run the entire archive job.

The CLI command 'ArchivePlan <name> verify <client> <job> -verify 1' command does the same thing the verify switch in the presstore GUI does: it reads every archived file from tape and verifies it.

With clone sets, please note: Presstore will always attempt to verify the data on the master tape. If you want to verify the data on the clone tape as well, you must remove the master tape from the tape library and re-run the CLI command. Simply disabling the master tape in Presstore is not sufficient. Once the master tape has been removed, Presstore will still look for the master tape. Upon discovering that this tape is not available, it will switch to verifying the clone tape instead.



Assuming the archive plan ID is '10001', the client is the P5 server itself ('localhost') and the ID of the archive job was '10349', the command would need to look something like this:

/usr/local/aw/bin/nsdchat -c ArchivePlan 10001 verify localhost 10349


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Brian Wells
16 February 2014 17:32
It would be nice if Presstore had the ability to verify the clone tape without having to remove the master tape from the library.
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