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Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Sven Koester on 16 December 2015 17:27

For compatibilities and requirements, please refer to the section  Resources -> Requirements & Compatibilities on our web page

At the current being (Archiware P5 version 5.3), the list is here:
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Carlos Giordano
19 September 2013 18:10
Please, I am looking a tipe library and backp software and I would like to now if you can confirm that the PresStore is compatible with:

Tandberg StorageLoader LTO 6 SAS connection
Tandberg StorageLibrary T24 LTO 6 Fiber Channel Connection
Quantum SuperLoader 3 LTO 6 SAS connection
HP StoreEver 1/8 G2 LTO-6 SAS and FC connection

Thanks in advance.
Andre Kuehnemund
19 November 2013 16:49

The devices you listed are all LTO devices. As the above article lists LTO 1 through 6 devices, as well as Tandberg and HP as supported manufacturers, your devices will work and would be supported.
Thorsten Wienert
16 January 2014 12:51
What about sony optical disc archive systems (ODA)? Are these devices supported by the PresStore software?
Andre Kuehnemund
18 February 2014 11:21
Support for optical drives was removed in Presstore 4 due to a lack in demand. Almost all customers use disk or tape to store their data. Compared to disk or tape, optical media provides only limited amounts of storage space. We may re-evaluate our support for optical media as technology evolves.
Noe Torres
12 August 2014 20:10
We got 2 Dell PowerVault TL4000 and I would like to know if P5 is compatible with them.

Thanks in advance!!
Andre Kuehnemund
07 April 2015 15:07
All Dell LTO tape libraries are supported.
Todd Schweikert
01 December 2014 20:29
I am looking for a confirmation on whether or not your product supports the Quantum Scalar i6000. I was told by another vendor that they could support all Quantum libraries, including this one. Upon installation and some headache they confirmed that they DO NOT support this as this is an enterprise device. Please advise.

Andre Kuehnemund
07 April 2015 15:14
All Quantum tape libraries are supported, incl. "enterprise devices".
Bab Akin
26 May 2016 3:47
I would like to know if Archiware P5 Archive and Backup is compatibile with IBM TS3310 Tape Library

Thanks in Advance
Andre Kuehnemund
01 July 2016 11:27
The IBM TS3310 Tape Library is a LTO library with fibre channel connectivity. Please refer to our compatibility page (see above). It lists LTO, IBM as well as Fibre Channel. As such it is fully supported.
Tobias Biehler
16 August 2017 16:25
we are looking to run archiware p5 on a Windows 10 Lenovo ThinkStation for a limited period of time with a BDT FlexStor II S24 LTO-4 tape library from 2009 until we virtualize that Machine into our ESXi Cluster.
Do you see any obvious issues there?

Thanks in Advance
Andre Kuehnemund
08 December 2017 16:49
@Tobias: You could install P5 along with a demo/trial license on the Lenovo workstation and later install P5 with a purchased license in the VM. Or install P5 along with the purchased license on the Lenovo Thinkstation and later transfer the P5 license to the P5 server running in the VM.
One thing to be aware of, though, is that running a virtualized P5 server with a basically emulated hardware connection to an attached tape library is not the same as directly attaching a tape library to a physical P5 server. You basically adding an additional software layer. Backups/Archives tend to be very resource intensive - you're trying to copy as much data as possible as fast as possible - which can cause bottlenecks in the virtualization layer. I would test this extensively. Start out small and simple and then try to scale up. A P5 trial license is good for 30 days and can be extended by another 30 days - giving you a total of 60 days to test things throughly.
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