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Sync plan with absolute filter expressions syncs always all files
Posted by Sven Koester on 13 April 2015 17:24

When using include filters in Synchronize plans, it may appear that files are copied with each sync job, even if these were not changed

The reason for behavior this is somewhat hidden:

Filters are applied on source and target in order to allow "other" files on the target which shall not be removed.
In case the absolute paths on source and target of the sync are different AND the filter is of type path with an absolute path to a folder,
then the syncjob will not find the files when applying the filter on the target, that causes the files to by synchronized again.

This problem cannot be solved in P5 without giving up the idea of allowing "other" files on the sync target (other in the sense of "not subject to the sysnc job").

But it is possible to workaround this behavior in multiple ways:

  • Use Include filters with relative paths below the path given in the sync plan for instance "path starts with "*/mydata/mydir/*"
  • Or specify both path in the include filter, for instance
      path starts with "/Volumes/raid1/source/mydata/mydir/*"  +
      path starts with "/Volumes/raid2/target/mydata/mydir/*"
  • Or do not use filters of type path in that plan
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