Previews from R3D Raw files
Posted by Andre Kuehnemund on 02 August 2018 16:23
Red Digital Cinema ( makes cool cameras. Wouldn't it be great if P5 Archive could create previews of R3D Raw files? With Red's redline tool you can. Here's how:

- Download and install the REDCINE-X PRO Software from here: Use the code shown below to make a shell script and save the file as '' where ever you like:

# mkthumb_r3d:
# ...
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# use temp/pvconv_99999.png as outputfile to avoid
# collisions when multiple converters run in parallel.

REDline --i $1 --o $out --pad 0 --format 3 --frameCount 1 &> /dev/null
echo ${out}.0.jpg
exit 0

- Make sure the file is made executable ('chmod +x').
- In the preview settings pane of the P5 Archive plan, click on 'New' > 'Add a custom script'.
- Add '.r3d' and '.R3D' under file extensions and the path of the script under 'Preview converter script:' (e.g. '/Users/admin/'.
- Click on 'Apply' and 'Apply'.

That's it. Try to test archive a folder with one or more RED Raw files in it. Sample files can be found here:

A list of all available Redline arguments can be found here:

Important notes:

The above sample script is just that - an example. Feel free to modify based on your needs. As written, this script creates a single still image ('--frameCount 1') from the beginning of a .R3D clip.

If you want to create one from, say, frame 4000 - there's a redline argument for that ('--start <int>').

The argument '--format 3' creates a JPG output file. Other formats are possible, e.g. '1' would generate a TIFF file instead.

An important thing to note is that in order for the script to work, it cannot generate any standard or error output. Redirecting any output to the null device ('&> /dev/null') takes care of that.

Final note: We do not offer support for help with custom scripts. Again, the above script is a very basic example that is meant to help you get started with writing your own scripts.
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