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Cannot access PresSTORE from remote
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 26 October 2012 12:54

PresSTORE uses by default the port address 8000 to offer its service over the network.
It is possible to change this port during installation. Please do not use system reserved ports (i.e. port numbers below 1024) for PresSTORE because these are often handled specially by several tools. (e.g. Browsers like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer have special handling for port 80, 21, 443 and probably others).

When accessing PresSTORE on the local host, please use the following URL:
In case this does not work, the PresSTORE server is either not running or configured to run on a different port. 

When accessing the PresSTORE server from a remote machine, please use the following URL:
where ps-server is the IP address of the host running PresSTORE, e.g. an address like

In case you do not get the PresSTORE login window on your browser, but you can access it from the local machine, please check the following items:

  1. Did you enter the complete URL, beginning with http:// and ending with  /login
  2. Did you probably enter a host name instead of an address and the host name cannot be resolved? Try using the ip address instead
  3. Is there an active firewall between your host and the presstore host? Firewall will deny access to port 8000 by default.
As PresSTORE uses the same port 8000 for data communication, there is usually no connection problem between server and client once you succeeded in accessing the PresSTORE user interface over the same line.
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Comments (10)
23 October 2012 15:51
What if I can't access the PresSTORE login window on the local machine?
Andre Kuehnemund
26 October 2012 12:57
As the article states: "In case this does not work, the PresSTORE server is either not running or configured to run on a different port."

Please check the three items listed further down in the article to see if one of those could be the underlying cause. If none of those solves the issue, please open a support ticket and attach the support data from your Presstore server.
Thomas Liebchen
19 November 2012 15:18
And what if i want to access the PresSTORE server from a remote machine that is @ another Subnet? Because i noticed that you can only access from a machine that is in the same subnet for example and not from a machine that is @ or with portforwarding from an external Internet accessible IP.
Sven Koester
31 December 2012 10:05
The subnet is not a problem here, you can access PresSTORE from any machine in any network, provided there is no blocking firewall in between. However it may be required to enter the ip-address instead of the server name, depending on your DNS resolution setup.
Gary Wolfe
01 August 2016 19:27
Installed 5.3.2 in a FreeNAS freebsd 9.3 jail. I can ssh the to jail as root so I know that my password is correct.

After installation, visiting from my main workstation gives me to P5 login page. Enter credentials for root result in a brief load, where [encrypted] replaces the data in the user field and the password field is filled with "bullet point glyphs" and where it should display the main admin area I am present with the same P5 login page.

Checking the p5 log in the jail install, I see:
[01/Aug/2016:03:40:44][11056.8092e3800][-conn:lexxsrv:gui:0] Warning: Bad login: invalid password for user: root
[01/Aug/2016:03:40:52][11056.8092e3800][-conn:lexxsrv:gui:0] Warning: Bad login: invalid password for user: root
[01/Aug/2016:03:41:14][11056.8092e3800][-conn:lexxsrv:gui:0] Warning: Bad login: invalid password for user: root
[01/Aug/2016:03:42:08][11056.8092e3800][-conn:lexxsrv:gui:0] Warning: Bad login: invalid password for user: root
[01/Aug/2016:03:43:00][11056.8092e3800][-conn:lexxsrv:gui:0] Warning: Bad login: invalid password for user: root

What additional 'magic' am I missing?

Andre Kuehnemund
31 August 2016 18:34
This is probably why:

"Jails have their own set of users and their own root account which are limited to the jail environment. The root account of a jail is not allowed to perform operations to the system outside of the associated jail environment."


In order to be able to do its job of being able to access all mounted file systems with full permissions, the root account can't be limited to a jail environment. P5 uses PAM for authentication and doesn't appear to be working with the root account of the jail.
09 August 2017 12:43

Sorry to reawaken this dead thread, I have a server with multiple network cards inside it. When I start the service for the first time it shows as running on the following:

Starting P5 application servers, be patient...
lexxsrv pid: 128148 (version "5.4.4" running)
lexxsrv url: (use web-browser to connect)
Started 1 from 1 application servers.

I want to change the IP Address automatically assigned from (currently a bonded interface already defined on the server) to an IP address inside my defined IP range of 192.168.50.x so I can access the GUI from my Local Area Network.

Are there any select commands that would achieve this?

Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree?

Many thanks in advance


Andre Kuehnemund
08 December 2017 16:54
By default, the P5 web server should respond to http requests on any active network interface.
Kris M
14 May 2018 15:56
Is changing a port still a thing?!
I've ran client installer on Win machine but didn't had a prompt to change the port.

Port 8000 is conflicting with Milestone XProtect CCTV software btw.

Andre Kuehnemund
15 May 2018 16:01
@Kris: To change the P5 port, stop P5, then rename the 'lexxsrv.8000' inside the 'config' subfolder of your P5 installtion folder to something like 'lexxsrv.8010' or 'lexxsrv.9231' or some other unused port. Restart P5 and it should be now be running on that port. To access the P5 GUI, don't forget to specify the new port number, e.g. 'http://localhost:8010'.
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