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Virtual Jukeboxes and removeable disks
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Andre Kuehnemund on 22 July 2011 12:14
PresSTORE supports exchangeable disks as long as these are accessible via the normal directory tree.

One easy way to use such external disks is to create a Virtual Jukebox on the drive and to use the drive for backup and / or archive.
In case multiple external disks shall be used rotatory, the following points shall be regarded:
  • Make sure that the same mount point is used for the disks (see below)
  • Configure the path of the Virtual Jukebox in PresSTORE to point to the mount point or to a path on the disk existing on all drives.
  • Do not disconnect a drive while there are jobs active on the drive. PresSTORE does support the cancellation of backup or archive jobs, so jobs can be stopped. In case a disk is removed while PresSTORE is writing to it, the affected virtual tape may be flagged as suspect and will require manual maintenance.
  • After inserting a new disk, the Jukebox Inventory function (in the Edit menu of the Jukebox Manager) will inform PresSTORE which virtual tapes are available on the drive.

Ensuring the same mount point is used for different disks (please connect only one of the desired disks at the same time):
  • Windows always uses the next free drive letter. Ensure that the same drive letter is free, e.g. by connecting other memory devices always before or always after the disk used for backup.
  • Macs and most newer Linux boxes (based on hal/udev) use the volume label to determine the mount point. Ensure your volume label is equal on those systems.
    The SuSE SdB describes how to use a fix mount point independant from the volume name here:
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Comments (2)
Daniel Farnworth
16 May 2013 10:48
Are virtual tapes exchangeable between virtual jukeboxes?
Andre Kuehnemund
19 November 2013 16:58
Sorry, they aren't.
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