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Does PresSTORE support drive xyz or library xyz
Posted by Sven Koester, Last modified by Sven Koester on 31 July 2009 8:52
PresSTORE uses a so called generic SCSI driver, thus any SCSI-command-set compatible device is supported, without regard of the physical interface (E.g. the Fibre Channel interfaces use the SCSI command set, too).

We do not  record any information about which drives are in use at the customers site, mainly because we get this information during support calls only (so we never get information about working devices).

There is an easy way to check
the compatibility: download the PresSTORE demo and license, configure the jukebox using the GUI-wizzard (a matter of a couple of minutes) and try to label some tapes  located in some slots. If that operation succeeds, all is fine. If not,  we will most probably find out why not and we will create a patch. This is very seldom needed.
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Joerg Goessler
27 October 2015 18:01
Hi Sven,
we have Presstore 4.3.5 and a Quantum Superloader with LTO5 in use.
The System runs for about 2 years already quite nicely!
However we haven't managed to get Presstore and the Superloader to work seemlessly together: In order to insert and Output tapes, to make an inventory or to autmatically use the cleaning tape we have to go via the Quantum Interface.
The laoder is connected via SAS. Presstore runs on a Linux Server.
Do know how we could geht both to play perfectly together?

Andre Kuehnemund
20 January 2016 13:44
Joerg: A lot of things can cause a tape library to stop working the way it should. The OS changes, as does P5. New firmware or drivers are being released. We would need to look at the P5 support data from your server to find out what exactly happened. I would recommend opening a support ticket and attaching the P5 support data from your server. To download the P5 support data, please login to the P5 web interface, click on the 'P5' button in the upper right corner, then click on the 'Download support data' link. Please upload the resulting .zip file when opening the support ticket, or wait for the ticket confirmation e-mail and attach to your e-mail reply.
Steve Wiedemann
13 August 2017 6:37

Can you give a breakdown on PresSTORE in a large installation? I want to use it with a Spectra T950 which has 3,510 tape slots and 8 drives. Using the PresSTORE configurator, it won't go beyond 999 slots. I'm also concerned about a single host computer pushing enough data to 8 drives. Can PresSTORE address more slots than 999? Is it possible to add more slave CPUs to act as "data pumps" for fiber connected LTO drives?

Andre Kuehnemund
08 December 2017 16:52
There is no software limit on the number of slots. It is not possible to "to add more slave CPUs to act as "data pumps"...".
Whether or not you server would be able to push data fast enough to 8 drives depends on your server hardware, the host bus adapter, your fibre channel topology etc.
I would test this thoroughly by starting out small and simple, then increase the complexity. We do offer free demo/trial licenses that are good for up to 60 days for that purpose.
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